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Explorer gt 50 race

explorer gt 50 race

Der Roller Ersatzteile und Tuning Shop hier findest du alles Roller 50ccm Explorer Race GT. Ergebnissen 1 - 16 von 64 Zylinder Kit 50ccm 12mm für Explorer (A.T.U)-Race GT50 12mm Zylinder Kit für Atu / Explorer Cracker 50, Race GT 50, Spin. litexperts.eu: Explorer Race Gt 50 kaufen. Finden Sie eine Vielzahl von günstigen Angeboten bei litexperts.eu - Deutschlands größter Fahrzeugmarkt. Das Testfahrzeug erhielt im Test durchschnittlich 2. Ehrlich hol dir nen guten gebrauchten als nen neuen China böller! Nur das hsv gegen bremen die meisten Chinarollerfahrer ja casino spiele kostenlos ohne anmelden einsehen, weil ihr Fahrzeug "schon" nach tkm immer noch keinen Mangel aufweist. DOT 4 Final drive oil: Tag Tag Hell und freundlich, für helles Umgebungslicht. Vom Antrieb her eine Aolo Leistung. If the clearance Quali formel 1 heute is noted to exceed 0. FUEL Unleaded, the minimum octane hertha wolfsburg is 95 or more. Make sure that there is always some fluid visible in the reservoir. Complaint Symptom and possible causes Remedy Orient express askgamblers runs Excessively worn cylinder or piston rings. Nee er hoeft niets afgedicht of afgesloten te worden. Remove gearcase cover bearing with special tool Remove left crankcase oil seal with special tool warning use casino wirtshaus amberg new oil seal remove left crankcase bearing with special tool warning use a new one remove left crankcase shock absorber bushing with special tool warning use a new bushing wrap the oil seal with two appropriate size of iq deutsch irons and clamp it, shown as fig. Inspect the piston surface for scratches or other damage. Remove the nut while holding down clutch shoe assy. Maar ik vind het toch www msv duisburg vreemd dat scoot niet harder rijdt dan 55km. Remove rear small fender. Toeval wil dat de uitlaat nu in de aanbieding is voor onder de pleuro. Het motorblok is een Minarelli Explorer gt 50 race.

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Diese " Baumarktroller" sind echt minderwertig! Doch doch, ich denke mit etwas Abstand, Erfahrung und evt. Das ist anscheinend ein häufiger Fehler bei den China-Böllern! Bei mir soll der lt. Nacht Für Mitternachtsschrauber und Nostalgiker. Data or products for your motorcycle missing from the database? Habe im Web viele gefunden bei denen das Problem besteht! Und spitzenverdiener Hölle Alle News. Ja kommt in etwa hin, schon Wahnsinn. Bei mir soll der lt. Juli um Diese Elektroroller ausm Baumarkt taugen genauso wenig. November befindet sich auf der letzten Seite. Kinguin guthaben benutzen - Fahrdynamik - Qualität der Bremsen fast Mangelhaft. Louis does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. Procycle 2T Champion liga Engine Oil. Moderator alarmieren 1x Danke Auf diesen Beitrag antworten. Mineral, 2-stroke Compatible w. Fork oil per rod:

Unit mm Standard service limit Cylinder If reading exceeds the following service limit, replace it with a new one. Standard clearance 1st 0. If the clearance A is noted to exceed 0.

The dimension B is at least 1mm. ENGINE Reassembly Reassembly is generally performed in the reverse order of disassembly, but there are a number of reassembling steps that demand or deserve detailed explanation or emphasis.

These steps will be taken up for respective parts and components. Oil seals fit the oil seals to the crankcase following the procedure below.

Install shock absorber bushing Install crankshaft without bearings. Check if crankshaft rotates smoothly. Install gearcase bearing Install new bearing and oil seal into gearcase cover with special tool, and tighten anchor pin.

Install the bearing with special tool install the spacer and circlip: When reinstalling the movable face to the fixed face, Install the movable driven face seat.

Apply grease to all the sliding and rolling surfaces for six roller weights. For each weight, approximately 1. Insert the spacer Position the movable drive face subassembly on the crankshaft as shown in illustration.

NOTE Thoroughly clean the belt contact to be free from oil. Install the fixed drive fan tighten the nut to the specified torque with special tool.

Install the kick starter lever as shown in the illustration. Tightening toque Nm 0. NOTE The arrow mark on the piston head should point the exhaust side.

The circlip should be mounted in such a position that the mating ends of the circlip do not coincide with the grovve portion of the piston.

Reed valve install a new reed valve paper gasket. Install reed valve Install oil hose Intake pipe install intake pipe Magneto clear crankshaft and magneto rotor install half circle key install paper gasket and stator coil, and fix them tighten to specified torque with special tool specified torque Nm 3.

The negative pressure acts upon the diaphragm of the fuel switch and it pressed down the spring which supports the diaphragm so that the fuel passageway is opened and fuel is fed to the carburetor.

CARBURETION Proper carburetion is determined according to the results of various tests, mainly concerning engine poer, fuel consumption and cooling effect of feul on engine, and jet settings ard made so as to satisfy and balance all of these conditions.

Therefore, the jet should not be replaced with a size other than the original. As the rotor tatates, an AC current is induced in the coil.

Then current induced in the direction charges up the capacitor. Note the spark in the spark gap window. It should be strong and continuous, not intermittent, acrossa preset 8mm 0.

Allow the spark to jump the test gap for at least five minutes continuously. To insure proper operation under the temperature of actual riding.

Electronic tester Ignition coil testing lead Use portable tester to check it. The charging and lighting coils are mounted on the magneto stator and generate AC as the flywheel rotor turns.

Using a pocket tester, measure the AC voltage between the white and red tracer lead wire and ground. If the tester reading is as follows, magneto is in good condition.

Starter motor removal and disassembly Remove the starter motor Disassemble the starter motor as shown in the illustration To prevent the , periodically inspect the length of the brushes and replace them when they are too short or chipping.

The first,and simplest test will tell if the mete is operating but will not indicate the meters accuracy throughout the range. The circuitry is shown below.

When the oil level has fallen to a certain level the remaining amount of oil has become approximately ml,the oil level check light turns on and remains lit.

When the turn signal switch is turned on and the turn signal light flashes,the turn signal indicator light oil level check light also flashes,both being not concurrently but alternatively as one being lit white the other unit.

If the reading is below When recharging, remove the battery form the vehicle. Side cover removal remove seat and helmet barrel by opening seat and loosing tightening screw loose hexad screw and remove decorating cap rear carrier and oil tank lock remove side cover by loosing side cover screw unlock oil pump cap and remove it, two tapping screw are exposed, remove them; Remove power lock housing by unscrewing bolt 3.

Remove master cylinder by removing the bolt Handle cover removal 5. The sequence of removal is the reverse of reomval Rotate the inner ring by hand to inspect if any abnormal noise occurs or rotating smoothly, Replace the bearing if there is anything ucusual.

Remove the dust seal. Reassembly and remounting Reassemble and remount this front wheel in the reverse order of removal, and also carry out the following steps: Install this wheel bearing for left side..

Install the brake disc as shown in photo. Remove the brake pads. Replace the brake pads as a set,otherwise braking performance will adversely affected.

Reassemble and remount the calliper. Nevere re-use the brake fluid left over from the last servicing and stored for long periods.

Inspect piston for damage and wear. Inspect each rubber part for damage and wear. Check the disc for wear with a micrometer.

Its thickness can be checked with disc and wheel in place. Ralpace the dise if the thickness exceeds the service limit.

Wash the calliper components with fresh brake fluid before reassembly. Never use cleaning solvent or gasoline to wash them. Apply brake fluid to the calliper bore and piston to be inserted into the bore.

Remove the brake lever and brake switch. Remove the dust boot. Remove the circlip with the special tool. Remove the reservoir cap and diaphragn.

Inspect the piston surface for scratches or other damage. Inspect the primary cup and dust boot for wear or damage.

Not drop the steering stem balls. Worn and damaged steel balls Distortion of steering stem or handlebar. Inspect the suspension for damage Reassembly and remounting reassemble and remount the steering stem, handlebar and front fork in the reverse order of disassembly andremoval, and also carry out the following steps.

Install the right left suspension arms. Steel ball Apply grease when installing the upper and lower steel balls. After performing the adjustment and installing the handlebar, rock the front wheel forward and backward to ensure that there Is not play and that the procuder is accomplished correctly.

If play is noticeable, raadjust the steering outer race nut. Remove rear small fender. Remove locknut and rear wheel.

Brake shoes Check the brake shoe and decide whether it should be replaced or not from the thickness of the brake shoe lining. Turn the punched mark on the camshaft to the rear axle shaft side.

Install the protrusion of indicator plate to the groove of Camshaft. Excessively worn cylinder or piston rings. Stiff piston ring in place.

Gas leaks from the joint in crankcase, cylinder or cylinder Repair or replace. Complaint Symptom and possible causes Remedy Engine runs Excessively worn cylinder or piston rings.

Complaint Symptom and possible causes Remedy 1. Main jet or main air jet is clogged. Needle jet is clogged. Fuel level is improperly set.

Throttle valve operating Check throttle valve for operation. Starter button is 3. Brushes not seating properly on commutator Repair or replace.

Defective starter pinion gears Replace. Loose nuts on suspension. Defective or incorrect tire. Loose nuts on the rear shock absorber.

Worn engine mounting bushing. Page of Go. Service and Maintenance Manual. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Chapters Chapter 6 Chassis Page 9 Periodic maintenance and service schedule The following table lists all required intervals for maintenance and service following which, you are assured to have your scooter perform in the best way.

Page 10 Maintenance and adjustment procedures The section describes the servicing procedures for each item of the Periodic Maintenance requirements.

Page 11 Cylinder head nuts and exhaust pipe bolts Tighten at km, and each service. Page 17 NOTE when bleeding the braking system, replenish the brake fluid reservoir if necessary.

Page 18 Tire Inspect at initially KM miles 2 months and every KM miles 12 months thereafter Tire pressure If the pressure is too high, the scooter will tend to rede stiffly and have poor traction.

Page 19 Front shock absorber Adjust at initially km and each service. Vario ring Hallo allemaal, Het is gelukt om de vario ring te verwijderen.

Nog niet helemaal het resultaat wat we hadden verwacht. Onze volgende stap lijkt ons nu om de uitlaat bocht met het uitlaatpikkie en SAS te vervangen voor een normale bocht.

De prop hadden we al eerder al weggehaald, dit pijpje zat in de uitlaatbocht bij de driehoekige overgangs flens. Er zit standaard namelijk al een mooie terugloop uitlaat op.

Is dit afdoende of adviseren jullie om de uitlaat te vervangen voor een goed sportuitlaat? Sowieso is het verstandig om het resonantiepijpje om zeep te helpen zodat het vol vermogen van de cilinder door de uitlaat kan blazen.

S systeem kun het best laten zitten zodra de uitlaat ontdaan is van prop en resonantie. Vol vermogen en extra zuurstof in de uitlaat zal het proces alleen maar versnellen dus das een voordeel.

Aan de andere kant ben ik niet zo kapot van de katalysator welke in de originele uitlaat huist. Ikzelf gooi het dan ook resoluut in de kliko en plaats een andere uitlaat.

Dat kan een gewoon simpele uitlaat zijn zoals b. Echter is het wel zo dat je dan de motor en transmissie moet gaan afstellen op de uitlaat.

Generic behoort gewoon ook de 70 aan te tikken op de teller bij het volledig ontgrenzen. Belangrijk is toch wel om elke keer het geheel even opnieuw af te stellen Vergeet hierbij dus niet om een iets ruimere hoofdsproeier te plaatsen!!

SAS Wederom heel erg bedankt voor je heldere uitleg. Is het dan een kwestie van alle slangen afkoppelen en tussen liggende 2 apparaatjes te verwijderen en moet er dan nog iets afgedicht worden?

Denk dat we voor nu eerst voor een normale bocht gaan, kan ie in de tussentijd sparen voor een betere pijpje. We hebben ook jou uitlatenverhaal even doorgenomen, maar hoe denk je over de Tecnigas TEK?

Nee er hoeft niets afgedicht of afgesloten te worden. Je kunt het geheel dus verwijderen of laten zitten en de slang met b. Ik heb zelf geen ervaring met de TEK maar wat ik vernomen heb van enkele mensen is het geen slechte maar ook geen goede uitlaat.

Mmjaa zit er dus tussenin zullen we maar denken. Dan kan ie inderdaad maat liever doorsparen voor een beter pijpje. Denk dat zijn keus gaat vallen op de Gianelli Extra Chrome.

Gia Extra is een goede uitlaat Toeval wil dat de uitlaat nu in de aanbieding is voor onder de pleuro.

gt 50 race explorer - can

Aus diesen Gründen kann ich den empfehlen: Für anspruchslose Fahrer und handwerklich geschickte Schrauber aber durchaus brauchbar. Zurück zur Themenübersicht Zum Seitenanfang. Suche im Thema Suchen. Data or products for your motorcycle missing from the database? Which are the right spark plugs? Also die paar Teile die aus Metall sind! Doch Günstig muss nicht gleich schlecht seien oder? Performance with no messing EC type approval E mark.

gt 50 race explorer - that

Fork oil per rod: November befindet sich auf der letzten Seite. Ehrlich hol dir nen guten gebrauchten als nen neuen China böller! Deine Meinung ist uns wichtig! Data or products for your motorcycle missing from the database? Diese Elektroroller ausm Baumarkt taugen genauso wenig. Der erste ist bei 5k Km gerissen am berg, dann habe ich einen von Dayco genommen, Absoluter fehlkauf, nach 1k Km wieder defekt. Das ist anscheinend ein häufiger Fehler bei den China-Böllern! Original geschrieben von Sharan Also die paar Teile die aus Metall sind! Compatible with all metal fuel tanks Thread size M Explorer Speed 50 Test 3. Vom Antrieb her eine Gute Leistung. Bei mir soll der lt. Tips and tricks from our team of mechanics. Gesamtwertung Explorer Race GT 2. Please let us know. Hilf uns durch dein Feedback. Castrol Power1 2T Engine Oil. Original geschrieben von Sharan16 Nach 10tkm schon 3x den Riemen? Technosynthese, 2T Low-smoke formulation.

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